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Services Offered

Here are some of the services I can offer for your event. If interested in hiring me please go to my Hire Now Page. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Hire Now (669) 247 - 2031 dracothejuggler@gmail.com

Stage Shows

I have various choreographed stage routines anywhere from 4-15 minutes, as well as longer interactive shows (30+ minutes) with comedy juggling and audience participation. My shorter acts are a great fit for variety & talent shows while the longer acts fit well if you decide to have me as the solo entertainer.

My stage shows are a great way to put a smile on your guests faces as a main event. I can also customize parts of the show to fit the theme of your event.

Fire & LED Light Shows

Is your event being held somewhere dark like indoors, or outside after hours? Have a fire and light juggler for your upcoming night party! I have a variety of fire and LED light up props I can use ranging from torches, rope darts, diabolos, juggling balls, and more!

Bring the thrill of danger with fire juggling, or add an ambient atmosphere with led juggling. These shows work great for night club events, adult mixers, and after-hour outdoor parties.

Strolling Entertainment

For events that are more spread out, I can do strolling entertainment such as table-to-table acts and line relief. I have a variety of portable acts that work well in larger crowds or in smaller spaces. I can ride my unicycle around and juggle, interact with the crowds, and even set up and do a ground show Busker Style!

Have me entertain your guests as they wait in line, or have me walk around and juggle from table to table while your guests eat.

Party Entertainment

Make your kids birthday one to remember with my comedy juggling show! I have many fun party tricks from juggling rubber chickens, danger juggling knives, juggling a magic bubble, making my puppets yoyo, and more! Even have the special birthday child be a star of the show.

As a combo package I offer interactive group juggling lessons to go with the show! Have guests try out the circus arts first-hand with props like scarves, balls, chinese yoyos, feather balancing, and plate spinning.

Fancy Entertainment

Do you have a corporate event or fancy party that needs a gentleman juggler? Have you ever seen someone spin a margarita glass on a string? Have me walk around entertaining different tables, or do an act on the stage in front of all your guests!

I can theme my shows and costume to something that requires fancier attire, like a high end dinner restaurant or corporate party.

Lessons & Workshops

Do you and your friends want to learn how to juggle? Do you want to have an interactive juggling workshop for your festival, party, or corporate event?

Juggling is very fun and also a great way to build hand-eye coordination, improve self confidence, develop better reflexes, and studies have even proven it improves gray matter in the brain!

Summer Camps & School Programs

Add circus to your summer camp & school programs! Students learning how to make juggling balls and then build their skills through consecutive classes. At the end of the program the students perform in their very own juggling show!

I can provide equipment for toss juggling (balls, scarves, clubs, rings), feather balancing, plate spinning, spin tops, chinese yoyo, balance board, walking globe, and unicycle.

Interactive Assemblies

Are you a PE Teacher looking to have something unique and fun for your students? Partnered with Jester Games and the DiaboloFest, I will come to your school and teach your school's PE classes of any size how to use a diabolo (chinese yoyo)!

Each period, students learn how to spin and toss a diabolo and are given a show of higher level tricks. They also have the opportunity to buy diabolos at a discout at their school for a week.